Thursday, 04 March 2010 11:16

Kite-flying Experience of K 2-A Class

On the 23rd day of January, 2010. It was a time to relax, to play together, and to watch each other, to talk and teach, to listen and learn. But above all it was time to fly kite for kindergarten students.  The activity was held in Koh Pich Island Park, a new real-estate development here in Phnom Penh. The location was wonderful and we were blessed with perfect and delightful winds.  On that day our kids together with their families brought different types, colorful and beautiful kites. The ambience at the park was conducive for our activity since there's enough space for everyone to roam around and fly their kites, it's also newly built and has a clean surroundings. Even parents enjoyed our activity and played along with their children. The wind blew strong enough, needed for the kites to soar higher, adding more fun for the kids whose flying their kites.  Within the duration of two hours from 8 until 10 in the morning, everybody got their daily dose of laughter and fun-filled activity.

That made me reflect back to when I was a child and experienced the fun of flying kites with  family and friends .I remember the paper kite that I made and used when I was a child. Well, advances in science, for the most part, have changed all of that. Today’s kites are fixed on the colorful array of beautifully designed kites.

There was one child of mine that brought to my attention, he had a small kite and he was trying to make his kite fly and no matter how he tried, it flew for a second it made loops to the ground.  But he never gave up until his kite flew beautifully! The smile on his face was worth a million dollars. With this 5 year –old boy. We remind a gain the lesson that we have learned before and it was about not giving up. On that boy I found the courage and determination in not giving up. In deciding to go after of what he wanted.

Kite-flying may sound fun, and it really is, however, it comes along with your body and mind coordination to successfully launch the kite into the sky. Someone needs to be patient, because it usually takes more than one attempt to fly a kite. The virtue of patience is being incorporated in this sense, a child whose learning how to fly his/her first kite, is also learning to be patient until s/he masters the simple but interactive kite-flying activity. Once the child have successfully flown his/her kite, all the struggles of learning how to fly a kite, will be all gone. All you can see is a happy face filled with contentment and a boost in the child's self-esteem.


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