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Turkish Olympiad



Last year, on 9th of June, I went to Turkey to take part in International Turkish Olympiads with my Turkish teacher Mr. Halil. At first, I was a bit afraid because I only went there alone with my teacher. The journey it was a bit boring because we had to wait a long time for the flight. When we arrived in Turkey, I could see a big difference; the buildings, roads, bridges were different and impressive.

Turkey is a very nice and beautiful country especially Istanbul. The people are kind and friendly. The food was also delicious.

In the Turkish Olympiads, I met a lot of people, students from all over the world

and I made a lot of friends there. They were very kind and friendly towards us. There were many categories in the Olympiads and we were in the song category. I was feeling both excited and nervous when I sang on the stage in front of thousands of people. I really enjoyed all the activities during the Olympiads. The Olympiads lasted from 15th till the 30th of June 2011.

The most important thing during Turkish Olympiads was to SHOW the world about our country and our abilities.

During the Olympiads I made many foreign friends, learned about other  cultures and learned to communicate on the world


Cambo Keng 9 B


The best time of my life

Participating in the Turkish Olympiad wasn’t my dream at first because I thought I couldn’t perform well. Fortunately, I underestimated my abilities and everything turned out fine. .

I was surprised when I heard from Sevval (my singing partner) that our song (Mavi Boncuk) had been chosen and we would go to Turkey soon.

After that, I just wanted to cry, jump and laugh all at the same time because it was so unbelievable.

When I arrived in Turkey, the first impression that went through my mind was, “I just wanted to go back because it’s different from Cambodia. I especially couldn’t stand the weather there”. But after staying for a week, I got used to that place. I started to feel more confident and secure. I told myself that. ”In fact, Turkey is an interesting place.” Also, I met a lot of Turkish Olympiad students for the first time, I was a bit afraid and embarrassed so I didn’t greet them and talk to them at all. However, the that shiness changed after we stayed in a dormitory. I became more comfortable since they were friendly, generous and reliable.

When the program began I was nervous. The stadium was huge especially when I looked at the stage, I felt shaky and I got butterflies in my stomach. But then I found the confidence to sing successfully including other concerts in Turkey. I was astonished and thrilled in having a chance being a participant in the Turkish Olympiad.

I really appreciated this unforgettable experience. Hence I want to say, “I LOVED TURKISH OLYMPIADS.”

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