Thursday, 29 December 2011 01:00

A Chat with Zaman’s Amazing Chef Selahaddin



Zaman International School has the distinction of having a world class chef on its staff. The chef’s name is Selahaddin and he originally hails from Turkey. Each weekday he concocts scrumptious meals for the teachers to enjoy at lunchtime. Chef  Selahaddin creates his four and five course feasts in the same astute manner a conductor leads an orchestra. Where a conductor blends and counterpoints individual instruments to create beautiful music, Chef Selahaddin  blends and counterpoints individual flavors and foods to create beautiful dinners.

Following is an interview by seventh grade students Sundayna and Vatey with Chef Selahaddin.        .

Sundayna and Vatey: How many years have you been a cook?

Chef: I’ve been a professional cook for eleven years. 

Sundayna and Vatey: How long have you been employed at Zaman?

Chef: I have been associated with Zaman for two and a half years.

Sundayna and Vatey: Where are you from and what is your hometown?

Chef: I am from Turkey and I was born in the city of Kaysiri.

Sundayna and Vatey: How did you acquire your cooking skills?

Chef: I learned all the nuisances of food preparation in Turkey

Sundayna and Vatey: Can you tell us your special dishes?

Chef: I’ve been told many times I have a special flare for BBQ chicken.

Sundayna and Vatey: How do you find working here?

Chef: I thoroughly enjoy working at Zaman.

Sundayna and Vatey: Can you tell us one of your cooking secrets?

Chef: When I make a sauce I don’t add water. I use pickle juice in lieu of water to give the sauce a unique taste.

Sundayna and Vatey: Do you get any feedback on your marvelous dinners?

Chef: Yes, many teachers give me the “thumbs up” and pass on positive comments after their meals.

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