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Chamka Pring Amusement Park and the NevaEnuf Class


It was Saturday morning, the sun was shining real hot, the wind was blowing through our hair and the sound of chattering came out of the Canteen as it was the stuff day. We were standing at the receptionist desk waiting for all of the NevaEnufers to arrive. There were about 10 of us including our beloved assistant teacher, Ms. Aziza. It was about 1 o'clock and we were all ready to depart. But the second most needed person in the trip hadn't arrived yet, Elen. She arranged everything regarding food. So, leaving without her meant leaving without what is really important to, NevaEnuf Eating. Dalin, Our monitor was furious and curious about the whole thing. Fortunately, she arrived after about 20mins, and we were able to start our exciting trip.

We were separated into two school buses. Our first destination was the De Castle apartment to pick up Mrs. Zarina, her mother and daughter. Then, we continued our way to Chamka Pring Amusement Park which took almost 30mins. When we arrived there, Narita, Samphos and Leaph were already there. We started to carry our food and other stuff out from the school bus and walked to an appropriate place that we could sit. On the way, we could feel the summer wind blowing through us. Luckily, I was the photographer so my duty was to take photos and capture memories during the whole trip. I didn't have to carry anything but a camera. We reached the site that we decided would be the best location to rest and eat. We started to help each other prepare the lunch which included the "cow-climb-mountain (BBQ)", salad, Maklube and cake which was all organized by our gold-hearted teachers. This lunch, chattering, laughing, taking pictures and telling jokes was a meaningful memory for us, NevaEnufers.

Once we were full we quickly cleaned up the mess and packed our leftover. Then we went forward to a place where we could experience all the breath-taking games. We stood there, and looked all over the playground as if there was nothing interesting at all, at first sight. But, then we thought all together, that "interesting or boring" depends on us and this was our time, our day for NevaEnuf class. Let's make it out-of-earth.

We bought tickets for the roller coaster. Everyone hurriedly chose the seat they liked. Since no more seats were available seat on the roller coaster Kim Heang, Lymei, Iemhorng, Narita, Mrs. Zarina and I weren't able to join the first ride. So they enjoyed the next ride, eventually. What made it more marvelous was that we rode the roller coaster confidently with our hands were in the air, ready to grab some mangos from the tree on the passing way of that fast roller coaster.

Afterward we went to another game, called "the UFO". We could say it was the most exciting game throughout the whole day. The strongest who could survive the UFO for 3times were Dalin, Lida, G.Mouy and me. This side was followed by "the twister" which lifted us up about 7meters high off the ground and moved us around, like a fan. Due to the large number of the students joining the ride, Ms. Aziza was free to join us without any payment. It wasn't really scary but it gave us, the best. Virya was very exhausted so she shouted out, "The sun almost burn my face into ash, let's go and get something to drink ! But her cry was useless because we still were feeling that excitement will never be enough for us!

So we continued our way to the "Viking" and asked for our treasured homeroom teacher, Mrs. Zarina to join us. Finally, she agreed. It was a pleasurable moment even it was short.

Succeeding the Viking, we walked and walked until we reached a place which provided us a wonderful view to capture the moment called "speanyo-ol". We ran through and jumped on it until it almost collapsed. Unfortunately, our jumping was stopped by other people on the bridge. We walked down the bridge to take some final photographs. Lastly, we went back to the eating area and carried the things back to the school buses and came back to school.
It was an amazing trip for NevaEnufers. We arrived at school and went back home, exhausted. We want to thank our treasured homeroom teacher, Mrs. Zarina. We love you and you're one of our memorable mothers. Also, Ms. Aziza, our beloved Abla, we love you and you're really one great sister for us. And NevaEnuf, we're the best and we're one family.

Bonavy Socheat, 11E

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