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Zaman Primary School’s Event To Remember

Last May 20-22 marked the 2nd Annual Science and Cultural Fair of our valuable school. Before the said dates, the school’s faculty members and staffs started working very hard preparing the needed materials, researching and practicing the students. First let’s talk about the Science fair this activity had given the opportunity for students to apply the scientific method to conduct independent projects. The students who participated in the said activities were really indeed a truly worth praising, worth valued for they were really talented, clever, outstanding enough to be called “Zaman’s Little Scientist Kid” contributing to the success of these activities. If you were there during the 3 days display held at the school’s ground floor you will really have the feeling of as if you are in the atmosphere of dealing with scientists from the ancient times, the students were really great and it was evident cause you can really see in the eyes of the visitors coming from the different public schools here in Phnom Penh, how they were impressed and how they believed in the students’ effort, confidence and wittiness. Off course this won’t be possible without the supervision of our Science teacher Ms. Yasemin Atasever and the help of all the teachers behind this, they really see to it that the students have a complete study of the topic so that the student can design an intelligent and meaningful experiment.

Now let’s talk about the Cultural Fair that was held at the school’s 1st and 2nd floor. Cultural fair was created to promote cultural awareness. Our devoted teachers, helpful Khmer teachers, ever supportive assistant teachers and energetic staffs were behind this they really extend all their strengths, knowledge of interior decorating, talent in designing and researching, to be able to showcase in a short glimpse of time some of the culture of some countries, some keynote speakers, sample of food, and assemblies that provide a particular art form, dance or music demonstration, all of these were very few to mention. There were 8 countries represented in this year’s fair, Japan, France, China, South Korea, U.S.A., Philippines, Turkey and Cambodia. The persons behind this are to thank because with their talent for me I can say that “I was able to travel 8 countries in just three days” what a great privileged and I guess that’s what the visitors think too. It was really interesting and really the highlight of the event.

Not to forget the Language fair, let me relate to you, my dear readers the things happened in the 3rd floor, the teachers assigned prepared a lot of knowledgeable, educational and language related fun and tricky games, there was also Smart board game and the demonstration of the Active Board, The resourceful assigned teachers devoted their time to train the students and prepare the materials needed, and it was the smart students’ guts and talents which are utilized in entertaining the visitors, inviting and persuading the visitors to play and have fun. In the Language fair we had English language, Khmer language and Turkish language games I was really impressed and I cannot believe it because the crowed what I mean is the visitors from the public schools, most of them played Turkish games, I even remember one student assigned in the English game asking me, “Teacher why is it they’re not playing my game?” I smiled and replied to her maybe they were very curious about Turkey. But the smart girl told me, “You know what teacher it made her realize now that I’m lucky enough to study in Zaman for I have the opportunity to study English at my early age. Actually she was right. Really the purpose of the language fair is to allow students to educate and give informative language knowledge to others even in short span of time and also to show to our dear visitors how smart our students and how confident are they in speaking English.

To sum up the event, I can say it was really a big success I’m really looking forward for the next year’s Science and Cultural Fair.

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