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12F Trip to Soun Soben

12F Trip to Soun Soben

12F had our trip to SOUN SOBEN on the 10th of December. It’s interesting to note that it was our first trip and our first activity since we started grade 12. This is because everybody is very busy with their extra lessons on the weekends. Everybody was excited to hear that our class was going on the trip because we could escape from our frustrating "extra lessons" weekends.

The trip involved first visiting the new Zaman University which is under construction. After everybody had arrived at the Zaman High School starting point, we departed at 10 a.m. and traveled to our 1st goal, Zaman University.  It is located in TOUL KOK near the Zaman primary school. When we arrived we were amazed at the gorgeous, stylish, tall building that stood in front of us. Then we went inside to do some sightseeing.  Some areas are still under construction so we had to be careful about our safety.

After we finished our sightseeing at Zaman University we continued directly on to our main goal, Soun Soben. It took us approximately 20 minutes to reach there. After we arrived, everybody helped to carry all the stuff to the proper area.  After that we searched for a good place to sit. Then we made BBQ for our lunch. We were chatting and taking lot of photos while we had our lunch. Guess who the last people were that finished their food? They were

Vanthey and Linda. They are so funny! After we finished our delicious lunch we went jogging around the garden with our teachers. We took a lot of funny, stylishly posed pictures.  THYDA, CHORY and SOPHAVY were making us all laugh with their good sense of humor. We really didn’t want to leave because we might never get together on another trip like that again for a long time. This is our last year at Zaman high school, thus we just want to make a lot of pleasant memories to help us remember our friends and our teachers.

We’d like to give our thanks to our techer Mrs. Yasemin and assistant teacher Merve for taking responsibility and looking after us on the trip.  And we‘d also like to thank all our friends that attended trying to make our friendship stronger on that occasion. We will never forget that nice, joyful, and rewarding trip. Even though it was over too quickly we‘ll always keep it in our hearts.



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