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My Remarkable First Year Experience at ZIS

There can be many scary feelings to face just before your role as “Teacher” becomes real. To put those worries in perspective, take a moment and fantasize; picture your idea of a perfect first year. Imagine how you want to feel, the climate you create in your classroom and some of the ideals you have set for yourself. This vision had helped me in my personal goal-setting process. To be a faculty member of this prestigious school ZAMAN Primary International School really gave me those feelings not to give up instead broaden my knowledge to teaching experience to discovering my love for helping and supporting pupils.  I found each day a new challenge as new faces, new personalities were emerging which brought various obstacles on my way as different methods of teaching were needed. The most enjoyable aspect of this work environment is that no day is ever the same. -New lessons, new people, new discoveries. It was exciting to know that I had

the opportunity to assist in someone’s learning, gaining satisfaction from seeing the new skill acquired. This particular experience, working within a primary school environment, allowed me to acquire a number of skills and also help enhance my weaker ones. I have always acknowledged the fact that I can be a very good listener and a good communicator which is an important quality needed. I got to know the students which encouraged my confidence to escalate. I am able to work well independently and can also work very well as part as a team. During my school experience I have embarked on a number of activities which exhibit my more positive qualities that I have thoroughly developed within the past few months. Such activities include helping out at events such as Open Days, Parents Conferences, School Fairs and Festivals, Welcome Club, etc. In doing so, I have shown I am a polite, mature, organized and committed young adult. I am currently a School Prefect and

Buddy, working closely with the years 7, 8 and 9 students. My role is to represent the school in a positive and professional manner not to disappoint my pupils for believing in me as their “Guardian Angel”. I believe I do this well as I portray an enthusiastic, responsible and reliable image. In order for me to have been considered to be a Prefect or a buddy I needed to have the essential qualities for that particular role. Such qualities needed are congruence, resilience and assertiveness. These specific qualities, I believe, have been made evident to my teaching staff. I am very much looking forward to expanding my practical and theoretical knowledge by continuing believing in my goals of “I want my pupils to succeed and learn more things and make me as their role model because I truly value the sense of achievement gained in teaching new skills to children and I wish to continue to do so.


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