Students will have to sit for the Government examinations to get the government diploma. In previous years 100% of our students have passed the government exam. For a student to be awarded a ZIS High School Diploma, he or she has to complete grade 12 with an average of 50 percent or above. Our graduate students can continue their education in Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, USA, Australia, Thailand, Turkey ... They embark on their chosen fields by pursuing higher education in the areas of medicine, management, IT, sociology, economics, American culture and literature, law etc.


We want our students to reach the top. Students applying for universities will receive assistance and guidance from the school's University Counselor. Parents and students are encouraged to take advantage of the services of this counselor.

Assesment & Reporting


The scholastic expectations of the school are high. We expect our students to be high achievers. The tests and exams monitor the progress of the students through the course of study. Tests and exams are designed to be demanding for the students.


Formal tests or exams will not be given to Kindergarten and Primary classes. These Primary classes should be assessed according to the guidelines of the teachers’ books for primary subjects.

There will be visa and final examinations for High School. Each term 3 marks are given to the student for each lesson. First Visa will be given in the middle of the first term. Teachers will give the second visa marks according to homework, class activity and attendance of the student. Final exam will be conducted at the end of each term.

Term marks will be given as:

Visa 1: 30%

Visa 2: 30%

Final: 40%

The final grade for the end of the school year will be the average of both term marks.



The ZIS award will given to only one student every year. It is for the student who has achieved the highest level of excellence in all the school curriculum subjects in grade 10, 11 and 12.  No ZIS award will be made to any student who has any disciplinary record on file.

The Honor Roll will be awarded to the students who have achieved an average higher than 85 from the aggregate of all their subject marks. No Honor Roll will be awarded to any Student who has any disciplinary record on file for that academic year.

Extra-curricular activity certificates will be awarded to the students who have high scores from extra-curricular activity lessons.

Exam Rules


Failure to obey any of the following rules may result in your exam paper being removed and disciplinary action taken against you.

1. Make sure that you are prepared for the exam. Have your pen(s), pencil(s), pencil sharpener, extra lead(s) or refill(s), and your eraser available and ready.

2. You will not be allowed to leave the exam room during the exam.

3. You may be asked by the invigilator to place a barrier between you and the person sitting beside you.

4. An exam is a race against time, try to be quick, but careful.

5. Open your exam paper when you are told to do so.

6. Make sure you write your name, surname, date and school number on the exam paper.

7. Keep the exam paper clean and flat.

8. If you have any difficulty with the exam paper, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to respond.

9. The invigilator will not answer any questions about the exam once it has started.

10. Only the equipment which is necessary for the exam should be kept on the desk.

11. Keep your exam paper on the desk at which you are sitting.

12. Keep silent during exams.

13. Be careful that you mark multiple choice answers properly. Incorrect entries may lose you marks.

14. If you have time when you finish the exam, check your answers.

15. If you have finished the exam in time turn over the page and wait. Do not disturb others.

16. When the exam ends the invigilator calls "TIMEIS OVER. PENS, PENCILSDOWN". Put your pencil or pen down immediately and wait until your paper is collected.

17. Leave the class quietly and do not loiter in front of the class.  Go directly to the canteen area or garden and stay there until everybody finishes the exam.

Reporting Grades


In High School

Progress Reports will be sent home after visa examinations, and parent-teacher conferences are held by home room teachers. Those students working below potential, or exhibiting inappropriate behavior, may receive a Progress Report at any time during the school year. Teachers may also use progress reports to inform parents of positive progress. Progress reports and semester report cards will be sent to the parents with the students.

In Kindergarten & Primary:

Students are evaluated and reports are sent to the parents monthly, and weekly progress reports and study improvements of the students are reported to the parents.