Khmer Literature Grade 7

Studying grade 7 Khmer Literature helps students to read and write about what they hear and see everyday. Students will be able learn difficult words, analyze Khmer Grammar, and etiquette in communication. Also, students learn about Khmer stories and poems, and get to know the master piece of Khmer authors.

Khmer Literature Grade 8

Studying grade 8 Khmer Literature helps students understand the formula of Khmer grammar, aware of other concepts, improve reading and thinking skills, and analyze the meaning of the context precisely. Also, students learn to write essay by using appropriate words, phrases with the correct grammar use; meanwhile students are encouraged to describe properly according to the topic assigned. Students will be careful when writing difficult words during dictation.

Khmer Literature Grade 9

By the time students have finished studying grade 9 Khmer Literature, they are able to improve many skills such as:

  • Reading skill: Read and understand the meaning of difficult words and analyze the concept in the context.
  • Grammar use: Able to use words, phrases correctly according to Khmer grammar.
  • Speaking skill: Able to speak correctly by using word expressions with the right time, places, age, status……etc.
  • Composition: Able to write essay with appropriate words, phrases and able to describe well according to the topic assigned.
  • Dictation: Enable students to be careful during listening for better writing.
Khmer literature Grade 10

The studying of Khmer literature in grade 10 helps students to know clearly about the grammar and other concepts, improve reading skill, listening skill, and writing skill. Students are able to critically analyze the meaning from reading and use appropriate languages in communication. Students develop the skill of writing essay using words, phrases and grammar correctly.

Khmer literature Grade 11

Studying the Khmer literature, Students can get knowledge such as:

  • Reading: Know how to write difficult words, and analyze meaning in context.
  • Listening: Take important notes from lessons, and summarize the text after the listening.
  • Grammar: Able to use words and phrase correctly according to the grammar rules.
  • Speaking: Learn etiquette to show respect depending on age, sex, and status.
  • Essay: Learn to write, explain, describe, compare, and analyze according to each subject assigned.
Khmer Literature Grade 12

Studying Khmer literature in grade 12, by the end of the lesson students will be able to get knowledge such as:

  • Reading: Improve reading skill (rise and fall intonation, understand the meaning of difficult words, and concept.
  • Grammar: Improve writing and speaking according to Khmer literature grammar rules.
  • Listening: Improve listening and taking note the important concept of the text and be able to summarize after listening.
  • Speaking: Improve speaking and making well conversation.
  • Essay: Improve writing with good explanation, and well-organized according to each subject.