Khmer Geology Grade 7

Students will be able:

  • To know the discovery of the earth and space
  • To know what is astronaut and galaxy and universe
  • To understand the solar system
Khmer Geology Grade 8

Students will be able to understand:

  • The earth and the moon (The movement of the earth and the moon and the universal gravity)
  • Inner shape of the earth (Surface of the earth, the earth core and Mongto of the earth)
  • Mines and the usage of mines
  • Stones and the components of stones
Khmer Geology Grade 9

Students learn about:

  • Continents
  • Water (water on the earth, water in Cambodia, water in soil, the water is solvent)
  • Seas and oceans (oceans in the world, the source in the sea, land shape, bottom of the sea, and the ripple wave of the sea.
Khmer Geology Grade 10

Students learn about the earth atmosphere, energy, climate, progress of land fragility, and other phenomena in the world. The course also provides learners the knowledge of science, modern technology, and the connection of human inhabitant and everyday living condition.

Khmer Geology Grade 11

Students learn about history of the earth, the drift of continents, the collapse of land, the bulge of peat land, earthquake, volcano, natural resources, increment of population, important …….in the world and Cambodia. …….which is necessary for people at this modern time. The world is trying to protect and preserve…..for people in the next generation.

Khmer Geology and Environment Grade 12

Studying grade 12 Khmer Geology helps students to know about natural resources, the land, the mine, the water, the energy, the pollution from hard waste, acid waste, ozone layer, glass house and its danger. The lesson is very necessary for the learners enlighten people in the community to take care of the environment and to preserve the world today for the next generation.