Students, who intend to leave ZIS, either during the school year or at the end of the school year, should obtain and complete the Withdrawal Form several days before their departure. The Withdrawal Form ensures that materials and all library books have been returned in good condition. School transcripts will be available after the withdrawal form has been completed. The form is obtained from the registrar upon request from the student’s parents informing the school of their departure.


The registrar is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate records and recommendations reach other schools to which a ZIS student is applying/transferring.


A student’s transcripts are the cumulative record of semester grades received while in attendance at the school, and they are maintained by the school in the student’s cumulative folder. A student’s transcripts are available at graduation or, upon request, to his/her parents or, given parental consent, to school(s) where the student is to continue his/her education.