Scholarship & Entrance Exam Results

Dear parents and students,

According to scholarship and entrance exams’ results, 1 student is awarded a full scholarship and 4 students are also awarded a 20% discount from the school fee.

The name of scholarship awarded student is as follow;

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Happy Khmer New Year

Zaman International School wishes you a happy Khmer New Year. May you and your family be blessed with success, happiness and health.

Due to Khmer New Year, school will be closed from 12  April to 16 April, 2012. Classes will resume on Tuesday, 17 April, 2012.

Midterm Examinations Schedule

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that midterm examinations will be held in the morning sessions and will mostly finish by 12:00 (please see the schedule for the exceptions) at noon from April 02 until April 06. There will be no classes scheduled in the afternoon unless otherwise notified by the individual teachers.

You may pick up your child by noon (see the schedule for exact timing).

Please, see the exam schedule below.

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Lost and Found Policy

Section 1 - Purpose and Definitions 

1. The following policy and procedures are intended to ensure that items reported lost or found are properly accounted for and, in the case of items found, returned to their rightful owners, or disposed of by the School.

2. In this policy, “lost property” means any misplaced or forgotten item – including, but not limited to, equipment, cash, jewelry, books, documents, or personal identification paper - which is found within the boundaries of the School, pending the identification of the rightful owner, or appropriate disposal thereof. Purposefully unattended or abandoned items inside classrooms, labs or canteen are not treated as “lost property”.

Read more: Lost and Found Policy

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